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20, Acuario, Colombia
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Detalles importantes de Bernye-Artinam
Género Mujer
Me interesa Mujeres, Hombres, Parejas, Trans
Edad 20
Altura 150 cm - 160 cm
Peso 55 - 60 kg
Cabello Morena
Ojos Marrón
Raza Latina/Hispana
Idiomas Español, Inglés
Vello púbico Afeitado
Busto Grandes
Trasero Mediano
Lo que me excita
I find allure in someone who knows what they want, who holds me with determination, awakening my lips with kisses that ignite the fire of my passion. My active nature craves to find someone to enjoy to the fullest, so spark the flame with your daring words, and let's play without limits. I'm ready to dive into fun and explore every corner of excitement with you.
Acerca de mí
Hello, darling, I'm Bernye, a fiery Latina full of beauty and joy. Besides being a diligent student chasing her dream of becoming a flight attendant (TCP), I lead a life full of passion and activity. I love to sing, travel, and play, always seeking excitement in every moment.

In my quest for a partner, I envision an independent, hardworking man. I want a sweet and indulgent man, someone with whom I can build a future full of family and stability.

Now, in the more intimate realm, let me tell you that in bed, I'm quite an experience. I know my desires, and I love to passionately ride. I'll be the most charming and passionate cowgirl you've ever encountered. Are you daring enough to find out
Lo que me apaga
What truly dampens the flame of my passion are individuals who are rude, manipulative, or ill-intentioned, using offensive words or speaking negatively about me or my body. Remember, we're here to have fun; please refrain from such behavior in my room. Let's make this space a haven of enjoyment and tenderness!
Lo que hago por webcam:
Horas de trabajo de Bernye-Artinam
In my transmition you can join about

Welcome to my realm of fun! Here, you'll not only encounter my fiery and sensual side but also get to know an intriguing woman. There's no room for boredom; I invite you to explore my world. Get to know me, and I'm confident you'll be captivated by the charm I exude.

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hot naked playing with saliva on the mirror
20 tokens
Dancing in front of the mirror, do you like me? im back
Look how pretty I look in broadcast
A little dance tonight jeje
5 tokens
Hiii is so nice to meet you
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My lush
My lush
I want buy my lush for enjoy with you
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Top Model, This Angel is one of the best I ever found, her smile is unique
So kind, wonderful just perfect. Here is 5 stars
My rules

💖 Don`t be rude, we are here to enjoy.

💖 Please don't spam.

💖 Don`t make bad comments about my body, be always kind